The 2015 PGA Championship at the Whistling Straits and Tiger Woods

13 Aug

Today marks the start of The 2015 PGA Championship at the Whistling Straits and Tiger Woods is in the field. Dustin Johnson, Jonathan Spieth, Jason Day and Rory McIlroy are all in the mix but what about the legendary Tiger Woods? This will be his last major before turning 40 and his chances of reaching and passing Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 majors is getting slimmer by the golf round.

How did Tiger go from dominating the game of Golf to that guy who is hyped up before every major and then fails, embarrassingly, to deliver? The answer is simple: He’s stopped shagging pretty much anything with a hole and heartbeat!

Tiger Woods

Tiger’s problem is not physical. Even with all the swing changes and various operations on his knee & back, he can still play the game to a competitive level well enough to rival the young champs like Spieth and McIlroy. The Tiger’s problem is mental and as every golfer knows, the mental side of golf is just as important as having a solid golf swing.

The thing is that since Tiger’s “sex addiction” and private life was made public, Tiger has had to give up (or slow down) doing the stuff (or rather doing the hot babes) that he likes. The media, sponsors, colleagues and almost everybody and his dog lined up to lecture and berate Tiger about his behaviour and remind him that he needs to be a strong and respected role model. Utter f*&king nonsense!!!

If your child’s role model is a sportsman, you’re not raising your kid properly. Doctors, nurses, firemen, aid workers and most importantly PARENTS are the people that should be inspiring children. Tiger Woods should not be responsible for acting as role model for your precious darlings…you should be the role model for your kids. There is no doubt that Tiger’s shennigans are immoral and lack shame, but we live in a shameless world. He is a professional golfer not a priest, judge him by his golf game and not by the number of hookers and pornstars he’s knocked boots with!

Tiger has spent the last two decades travelling the world as a billionaire youngster and judging by his history is one of those guys that enjoys bedding hot females – being a young, athletic billionaire who also happens to be the the world’s greatest golfer makes bedding the aforementioned hot females much easier, so if that’s his preference…leave him to it.

2015 PGA Championship at the Whistling Straits and Tiger Woods

Once Tiger stops trying to be the wholesome goody-two-shoes that the media, golf and his sponsors expect him to be, stands up and tells the world “F&*k it, I’m a horn-dog and I love to bone” then he’ll definitely return to his winning ways – I am dead certain of that!

Sure, he may be shunned by his colleagues, looked down upon by the uptight PGA people and his sponsors may with withdraw their cashish but once he starts bagging majors, the sponsors will come flocking back (not that he needs the cashish anyway), the uptight PGA will continue to look down on him (he’ll still be black) and his colleagues weren’t his biggest fans to begin with seeing as he was wiping the floor with them every week.

I really do hope that Tiger has a spent the week doing unspeakable things to Playboy models and then chooses to share all the sordid details with the rest of the world..When we then get all offended and try to scold him for being a debauched horny immoral sex addict, he responds by telling us to f*&k off because he doesn’t care and goes on to win the PGA Championship…that would be his sweetest major victory by far!