Course Review: Addington Court Championship Course

10 Dec

The Addington Court Championship Course can be summed up very easily…it’s a complete rip off!!!

I played the Addington Court Championship Course a week back at a cost of £29.00 for a Sunday morning round and that was probably the worst £29.00 I’ve spent in a long time!

The course has a decent enough layout but is very short and there’s just one Par 5. I love that the holes have been named – very cool. There are one or two challenging but fun holes…and that’s where it ends. The course is in terrible condition with bits of fairway between the mud. The greens are horrendous and the bunkers are more of a wasteland.

Charging £29.00 to play a round at the Addington Court Championship Course is “taking the mick”. It is beyond me how they can justify that cost. The course has loads of potential and with some proper maintenance, half decent drainage and a lot of work on the greens, it could be a lovely course…but for now, I would advise avoiding this course!

Par: 68
Championship/White Tees: 5,099 meters/5,577 yards
Club/Yellow Tees: 4.832 meters/5,285 yards
Ladies/Red Tees: 4,510 meters/4,933 yards
Front nine: One x Par 5, Two x Par 3s, Six x Par 4s
Back nine: Three x Par 3s, Five x Par 4s
Cost of a Round: £29.00

Addington Court Championship Course 2-min

Addington Court Championship Course-min Addington Court Championship Course 1-min

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