The Amalfi and beyond

21 Apr

We wrapped up our Italian Adventure with a visit to Italy’s famed Amalfi coast. After our time in Firenze, we took the 4 hour train ride to Naples which was a bit of a shock to the system. Naples is vastly different to other parts of Italy – it’s louder, rougher and feels a bit dodge (though it really isn’t). We didn’t spend much time in Naples as all we needed to do was pick up our hire car and head off to Positano where we were spending a few nights.

Amalfi Postitano

The road from Naples is Positano is a joy to drive. I’ve read Tripadvisor reviews warning people about the road being dangerous but this is certainly not the case! You’ve got mountains to the one side and the beautiful blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea on the other side – very, very nice. Choosing to drive over taking a taxi or using public transport was an excellent decision because not only did we enjoy the drive, we also loved the freedom it gave us to do things at our own pace and make it up as we went along. (It also saved us a few hundred Euro!)

Enroute to Positano from Naples, we passed Mount Vesuvius and stopped off to explore the ruinsPompeii of the lost city of Pompeii. We eventually got to Positano later that afternoon and we were instantly blown away by it’s beauty. We chose to make Positano our base over other towns on the Amalfi coast such as Sorrento, Amalfi and Praiano on the advice of a colleague who lives in Italy (well heeded!!!). From Positano we road tripped to the stunningly pristine Ravello and drove through Praiano and Amalfi.


I really enjoyed walking through the old town of Ravello filled with beauty, charm, ol’ schoolness and amazing views. Positano was equally delightful mainly as there is not much to do there but take little walks, enjoy the stunning views and stuff your face with Italian food! Oh yeah…the tomatoes are amazing! Best I’ve ever had!

We eventually made our way back to Naples where we spent the night before heading back home to London. The standout thing in Naples, aside from the amazing view from the roof of our hotel, was the Pizza at Pizzeria Brandi – the place where supposedly the margherita pizza was born

Amalfi - Naples

In just about 10 days, we started our Italian Adventure in Venice, made our way to Florence/Firenze via Bologna, got to check out the home of Ferrari in Maranello and the famed leaning Tower of Pisa before we wrapped up be visiting the Amalfi coast and Naples – not an entirely bad way to spend a few days eh 🙂

Tripadvisor reviews of the hotels we stayed at in Positano and Naples can be found here and here.