Annoying golf partner – don’t be one of them!

18 Aug

An annoying golf partner! We’ve all played a round with someone who almost makes you wish you were anywhere else but on the golf course…well almost! (there’s nowhere else you’d rather be right?)

Annoying Golf Partner

I’ve calculated that I’ve been playing golf for at least 5 years of my life and throughout those 5 years I estimate that I’ve played with at least a 100 different golfers. Mostly good and some bad, really bad!  So what made them that bad?

If you do any of the following regularly on the course, you’re an annoying golf partner:

The guy that yells “Nice shot”

You know that shot…it starts off looking sweet and then just veers off to the left like it’s spotted an ex coming in the opposite direction. Gutting! What makes it worse is the idiot standing next to you on the tee box yelling “Nice shot” – No, it wasn’t! Wait to see where the ball ends up before calling it a good shot, k Tiger…

The guy that gives you the unsolicited putting line

There you are, lining up your 15 footer for birdie and you randomly hear “I think it’s about a cup right”. Standing behind you like he’s a caddy about to cash in 10% off your wager is that guy offering you up a putting line you didn’t even ask for…the worst part is that you were reading in center right! FFS!!! Par it is!!!

The guys that congratulates himself

He’s smoked one down the middle! It truly was an amazing drive and you’re to give him one those warranted “Nice shot” cheers but before you can, he turns to the group and says to you “Did you f*&king see that, I slaughtered that drive. I reckon that’s about 300 at least” You spend the next 5 minutes listenng to how awesome his drive was and he’s been working at hitting it longer. Don’t look for compliments, if your game warrants ’em, you’ll get ’em

The swing coach guy

So were you hoping to break 80 today but you’ve started off with a couple of bogeys. You’ve just three putted the last green and hit a terrible shot off the tee. Clearly things aren’t going your way but you know there’s still lots of golf left to play…”Maybe if you turn your shoulder a bit more” the playing partner says to you followed by raft of suggestions and tweaks. Before you know it, you’re being coach through each shot. That super annoying 18 handicapper swing coach guy who makes it his mission to turn everybody into a Tour player – the most annoying part is that you’re having a bad round but you’re still beating him by 6 strokes!!!

The guy who thinks he is longer than he actually is

“It definitely cleared the hazard” he says while the rest of the group saw it land 10 yards short and bounce into the thick stuff never to be seen again. But there you are hunting on the other side of the hazard because he’s sure he’s cleared it. “Hmmm, think we should wait…I know I can get there if I catch it” he says waiting to hit the Par 5 green when he has 300 to go. He barely manages 220 off the tee and has hit a 300 once or twice in his life but in his mind, he is as long as Dustin Johnson. The distance obsessed guy who thinks he is longer that he really is. Don’t be that guy…remember distances are not marked on the scorecard

There are lots more annoying golf partner types. Even Golf Digest is aware of them. Maybe I’ll start a series on them as I come across them on the golf course. Remember, being nice and not being annoying on the course will mean people will love playing with you – the opposite will have you struggling to find a game.

Don’t be an annoying golf partner.