Bentley Golf Clubs

8 Mar

The game of golf has spent most of the 20th century being synonymous (to its detriment) with rich middle-aged men who  swan around exclusive country clubs when they’re not out trying to rule the world through their evil corporate empires. You know the type..those 1 percenters who have yoga addicted trophy wives and bratty kids; they wear blazers and remind you how the net worth of their college alumni is worth more than the GDP of Papua New Guinea.

Thankfully, times have changed a little bit and the beautiful game of golf has become much more mainstream (no doubt, a certain Mr Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods had a lot to do with this). While golf is still not an extremely affordable sport, it has become much more common with the plebby 99% (of which I count myself). Although Country Clubs are still very exclusive and getting to tee it up at a really manicured course at one of these mystical playgrounds of rich is not easily available, there are host of decent courses that the average Joe can still turn up at, golf bag in hand, hack his way around 18 holes and go home feeling utterly defeated yet still yearning for his next round.

However more reachable the game of golf has become ,Randolph & Mortimer and their “this is a great year” wine drinking buddies are still very much the target demographic for golf…this was pretty evident when Bentley Motors entered the golf equipment world. According to Forbes, “the 96-year-old British carmaker, is taking its high-end lifestyle brand to the golf course”.


You could easily throw down $5,000 on Bentley Golf Clubs to buy a set of 8 irons (3 to PW), a driver and a putter and not get much change back. Naturally, if you do have 5-large to spend on irons then you can probably kick in another 100 grand on getting the custom shafts made by Seven Dreamers and alligator skin grips. I think it would be a fair assumption to make that if you were spending mad paper on Bentley Golf Clubs then you probably own a Bentley too, right? So why not customise the paint on your clubheads and shafts to match the exterior or interior color of your car – it’s only money!!!

All the bluster aside, the clubs are gorgeous. If I could afford it, would I? Probably not, because I’m not that desperate…

Bentley Golf Clubs