Best Halal Burgers in London

31 Dec

Halal burgers in London? I got this!!!

There is not much I know about but junk food and the consumption of it is something I could easily have a PhD in! I love all sorts of comfort food – pizza, burgers, chips…if it’s deep fried, has melted cheese and/or processed meat, I’m sold!!!

I have a particular weakness for burgers – GOOD burgers! The crap paddled by McDonalds and most chains don’t do it for me except for Shake Shack…one of the few chains that have it spot on with their burgers! If only they had a halal outlet in London 🙁 I go nuts at Shake Shack and Salt when I’m in Dubai!

Back here in London, the options for a good halal burger have grown tremendously over the last five years! Thankfully we’re no longer restricted to kebab shop quarter pounders.

And the Best Halal Burgers in London are at…

Halal Burgers in London - Meat & Shake 2-min

I reckon the best halal burgers in London have to be those delicious meaty burgers served up at Red Iron Burgers in Uxbridge. It’s a 2 hour round trip for me that I don’t ever mind making as their burgers are awesome!!!

A very close second would have to be Meat and Shake in Tooting who are now in Ealing and Watford as well. Both seem to be run by Turkish peeps and experience has taught me that the Turks a good with meat – the best burger I’ve ever had in my life was in Istanbul at a place called Virginia Angus.

Very decent

Loaded Burgers in Ilford do some pretty decent burgers as do Tempus Gourmet Garden in Shoreditch/Bethnal Green. Both have the added advantage of being HMC certified.

Not so decent

Other HMC certified outlets I have also tried burgers at and shouldn’t really feature in a post on the best halal burgers in London are Brioche Burger off Green Street in Upton Park and The Gourmet Hut in Whitechapel – not very impressive at all.

Decent enough

A short distance from The Gourmet Hut, you will find Sahara Grill and Jungle Braai (both HMC certified) who make a decent enough burger but you’re better off ordering steak or in the case of Jungle Braai, Zulu Boerwors off their menu.


Big Moe’s Diner (HMC certified) near Ilford has done an awesome job at replicating an ol’ school American diner but they should have put just as much effort into their food – I was really disappointed by their burgers. Another equally disappointing diner is the legendary Tinseltown though their Hot Dogs are pretty good.

Worth stopping by

An old favourite (and very basic) burger for me is the quarter pounder with cheese and egg touted by Kebap 49 in Cricklewood – this was my go to burger place before the appearance of halal burger joints in London. A good alternative there is their hummus and bread baked in an old Turkish oven – plus they are really, really cheap!!!

So there you have it, my take on the best halal burgers in London. There seems to have been an explosion of halal burger joints in London and I plan on sampling them all – as you do – so I’ll update this post as I make progress at checking them off my list…

Bon Appetit 🙂

Best Halal Burgers in London

Halal Burgers in London - Meat & Shake-min

Side note/update – 27/03/2016

They’re not in London but rather in Cardiff so if you do find yourself amongst the Welsh, check out Grill n Shake in the Red Dragon Centre near Cardiff Bay. The wife and I had a burger there when we were in Cardiff and it wasn’t too shabby. The patty was a bit dry but I’m never going to complain if I get a proper halaal burger when travelling!

Grill n Shake in Cardiff