Boyz II Men in London

14 May

The wife and I went out to watch the legendary Boyz II Men perform live at the Indigo Arena at the O2 last night. Having watched them twice before, once when they were in their prime in the mid 90s and then again several months back when they performed in Manchester in 2014, last nights performance was by far their most impressive.

It was the first time we had been to the Indigo Arena and I had expected it to be a lot more intimate and while it was quite a small venue, it was pretty packed out and noisy so the venue was a bit disappointing but Boyz II Men, however, were absolutely brilliant!!!

They continued to “bust out” those 90s dance moves and lit up the arena with “End of the road”, “On bended knee”, “Water runs dry” and “I’ll make love to you” along with┬áthe entire arena singing along (even those embarrassed husbands and boyfriends) – Boyz II Men are genuinely very good entertainers but what really set apart last nights performance (and in my opinion makes them legendary musicians) was how they showcased their talent by singing material by other – non Motown/R&B – artists…

A new element added to their show is Shawn Stockman and Nathan Morris playing the guitar – something they started doing about 5 months ago. Using the live band and their individual guitars they performed a medley of Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Load, Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get On and what I thought was brilliantly done – Tom Petty’s Free Fallin’ – moving stuff !!! I didn’t get a video of it, but found one on Youtube:

They then went on to perform a snippet of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit (for the “white folk” as they put it) and then wrapped up that part of the show with a tribute to the UK by performing a medley of Beatles’ tunes

Awesome night being entertained by what I reckon is the sound of a generation – can’t wait for next year!!!