The Celtic Manor 2010 Ryder Cup Course

1 Mar

It’s been a bit quiet on here for a while and that’s mainly down to the 12-14 hour days I’ve been putting in at the office weathering an extremely (good) busy period…but there is going to be some respite, a silver lining, some light at the end of tunnel…it is T-minus 19 days before I get to tee it up at the Celtic Manor 2010 Ryder Cup Course!

Celtic Manor 2010 Ryder Cup Course

I actually booked a weekend in Wales so I could take the wife to a Boyce Avenue gig (she loves ’em and truth be told, so do I) as part of an anniversary gift – she’s survived 5 years, so there should be some some of acknowledgement of such a wondrous feat!!!

I figured since we’d be in Cardiff University where their gig is being played, we may as well stay at Celtic Manor and I could take on the 2010 Ryder Cup Course (by that I mean realise how crap a golfer I am at the 2010 Ryder Cup Course).

I booked the weekend through and I figured that it won’t be fair with me sneaking in some golf in what is essentially a gift to the wife so I went ahead and booked her some pampering at the Forum Spa at Celtic Manor. (Take note guys – this is how it’s done)

Celtic Manor Spa

So a weekend in a place we’ve never been to before, a concert and some spa pampering for the wifey and a round at the Celtic Manor 2010 Ryder Cup Course for me – everybody is a winner!

I’ll post a review on the hotel and more importantly the course once I’ve sufficiently chunked divots out of the fairway and trashed the room! To Celtic Manor and beyond!!

(I hope the shitty weather doesn’t screw me over!!!)