Christmas Parties & Booze…

12 Dec

What is it about Christmas Parties & Booze that never fails to churn out some incredible (and sometimes embarrassing) evenings?!? I’ve just had mine… and WOW!!!

I don’t understand the appeal of drinking (alcohol, that is), especially here in London where the “booze culture” is quite big. Unlike my native Johannesburg, where the locals drink to get slightly merry, in London they drink to get catatonically and utterly hammered. Being completely teetotal, this confuses me further…more so during the holiday season where excess at office Christmas parties all over the Capital isn’t just the norm, it’s expected and enthusiastically looked forward to.

I am almost always the only sober one at office Christmas Parties and this affords me the ability observe, with great amusement and sometimes pure bewildered wonder, as my colleagues proceed to pound beer after beer and Jägerbomb after Jägerbomb in the full knowledge that come the next morning, they are going to regret every single beer and Jägerbomb – WHY??? I really don’t get it…

Then there’s the stuff that happens while people are “off their face”…the sudden office romance that ends up with awkward shame on Monday, the ego and bravado boiling over into a drunken schoolyard fight which sometimes escalates into an HR nightmare and the very common “we’re getting thrown out because Bob from Accounting did something stupid”

I don’t think I’ll ever understand the Christmas Parties & Booze thing but either way, it’s the one night of the year when I feel like a proper grown up looking after a brood of kindergarten kids – it can be very entertaining but very hard work!

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