My favourite places in the world

29 Nov

My favourite places in the world have been discovered at various times in my life and hold special memories and feelings. I hadn’t actually given much thought to what my favourite places in the world were until I was sitting on “the throne’ earlier on today making a rather “hefty deposit” at the “bank of sewage” and it dawned on  me…this was one of the most familiar and comfortable places in the whole world for me! Sure, there are other “thrones” out there that may be better and smarter but this was the one I loved the most. I then got to thinking what other places in the world did I feel most comfortable and familiar in…I always knew which cities I loved the most but I’ve never thought of specific locations up until now. So, in no particular order, here are my favourite places in the world:

Musjid Al Nabawi in Medina (The Grand Mosque)

In my early-20s, I spent 10 days straight in Musjid Al Nabawi as part of I’tikaaf (seclusion) in the blessed month of Ramadan. Without doubt, those 10 days were the most peaceful and content time of my life. It’s hard to put into words the feeling of complete serenity that engulfs a person while in the confines of Musjid Al Nabawi but if you’ve been there, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

favourite places in the world

The first tee of any golf course

Any time I am standing on the tee box of the first hole at any course, I am happy. As per the evidence in this blog, I kinda like playing golf. The more beautiful and quieter the golf course, the happier golfer am I!

Grand Central Station in New York

I’m not sure exactly why but I love Grand Central Station in the Big Apple. It’s oddly peaceful even though there are hundreds of people buzzing around the terminal. It is also drop dead beautiful inside the terminal…you could sprain your neck staring at the ceiling!


The front row at the Blue Mosque (Musjid) in Istanbul

The front saf or row at the Blue Mosque overlooks the sea of Marmara through large wooden framed windows which are left open in the summer allowing a cool breeze to flow through. Friday prayers (Jumuah), the dawn prayer (Fajr) and the late night prayer (Esha) are my favourite times to be sat at the front row enjoying the breeze as I praise God. Following prayers (salaah) on a summer evening, a leisurely coffee watching the a whirling dervish is one of my favourite things ever!

Blue Mosque

There’s no place like home…

Naturally, as much as I love these places, I will always be happiest being with the ones I love…nothing comes close to the joy of playing Nintendo Wii with my nephews, having some delicious sushi with my wife or a hot cup of tea with my mum in her kitchen at the end of a long day – by far my favourite places in the world!!!