Some funny and viral golf videos to kill some time

7 Jan

We all have those moments of boredom where you end up trawling the internet for anything that will grab your interest or make you laugh. If that moment has brought you here and golf is your thing, then enjoy this post on some funny and viral golf videos 🙂

Matty du Plessis’ viral golf videos

Matty du Plessis cracks me up and I truly hope the little guys makes it as a Tour Pro one day, but for now, he is doing a great job with his videos.


What a d*ck!!! But it’s funny!!!

I would hate it if anyone does this to me and I really feel for the guy putting – but it is hysterical in a sick sorta way!!! Back story: It’s the first time he’s ever had a chance at Eagle…


Ambition!!! Nothing is impossible…except maybe this!

Mad props to this marshal who tried to silence a train for Tiger


The Fedex Golf Commercials

It’s pretty cool that Fedex throws a huge amount of money at the game of golf but what is even cooler are their commercials.


The Paige Spiranac Video

No list of funny and viral golf videos would be complete without the most talked about video in golf in 2015…


Darth Vader

I’m not a Star Wars fan and know very little about the movies but this Spike TV commercial featuring the Dark Lord did crack me up.


Peter Malnati’s shot out of the water

Everybody knew this wasn’t going to end well! His reaction is priceless!!!

The Charles Barkeley Golf Swing

What could be funnier than the Charles Barkeley golf swing? A compilation of Charles Barkley golf swings!!!


If these videos aren’t enough, check out the Nike videos featuring Tiger and Rory in this post here.

Hopefully this has helped to kill some time and put a smile on your face 🙂