How to book a golf holiday in Antalya

14 Mar

The geeky (but smart) way to book a golf holiday in Antalya

Are you thinking about booking a golf holiday in Antalya? This post may be the most useful bit of information you’ll come across if you are planning to tee it up in Antalya.

Following our inaugural golf holiday last year, the bro-in-law and I had decided that it is of the utmost importance that a golf holiday become an annual event and that we would go to a different destination each year. The golf holiday is strictly and exclusively for golf…so no wives, no work, no sightseeing – nothing but golf for a week. We regularly tee it in up at various courses in South Africa once or twice a year when I visit South Africa but that doesn’t count as a proper golf holiday as we both have family commitments during this time. Our annual golf holiday has to be time set aside just for golf. During this time, all we pretty much do is eat, sleep and golf!!! Last year our destination of choice was Dubai and that’s all we did – it was awesome!!! This year the decision was made to have our annual golf holiday in Antalya.

Antalya being a Turkish city south of Istanbul and home to a little town named Belek, featuring a several amazing courses. It looks to be a little piece of golfing heaven…

Where to play?

I usually research the destination beforehand as most people do before any holiday but I do a touch more research on the golf courses. I always begin by checking the Golf Digest Course Ranking Guide to determine which courses we would want to play – naturally, we want to play the best courses available.

golf holiday in Antalya - Cornelia Golf Club

From the 20 Golf Digest ranked courses in Turkey, the top 5 are in Belek:

  1. Cornelia G.C. (Nick Faldo)
  2. Lykia Links
  3. Antalya G.C. (PGA Sultan)
  4. Carya G.C., Belek
  5. The Montgomerie Maxx Royal

Further research also suggested that we tee it up at the National Golf Club and the Pasha Course at the Antalya Golf Club. With this in mind, I mapped out a schedule to allow for 12 rounds to played over the 7 nights and 8 days we were planning to spend in Belek.

golf holiday in Antalya

After identifying the courses we wanted to play at, I wanted to get some more information on each course. I designed this form that could be quickly filled out to give me all the information I needed which I then e-mailed/tweeted to the courses asking for a representative to fill it out. Sadly, only the Cornelia and Carya Golf Clubs were service orientated enough to do the necessary. E-mails and follow up e-mails were ignored by all the others and in the case of The Montgomerie Maxx Royal, the published e-mail address on their website bounced and there were no responses to the web contact form – very bad 🙁

Where to stay?

Carya Golf Club had the benefit of night golf facilities (similar to the Emirates Golf Club). As per my schedule we would inevitably end up playing 36 holes on more than one occasion with the second 18 mostly being played at night at Carya Golf Club. On that basis, it would make it super convenient if we stayed at the Regnum Carya Golf and Spa resort.

At this point, I now knew where the ideal place to stay would be and the courses we wanted to play at. Time to determine the costs and who best to book with…

How to book…

Having confirmed the actual dates that I wanted to go on a golf holiday in Antalya and the courses I wanted to play while I was there as well as the days I wanted to play them on and knowing where I wanted to stay…it was time to find out how much this would cost. A quick Google Search and some background checking provided me with a list of 5 golf travel companies I could request a quote from. I sent a quote request for 7 Nights all inclusive (all inclusive being the standard there) at the Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort and the golf rounds I was after (Cornelia and Carya kindly offered me 1 free round at each so I needed 10 rounds of which 3 were night golf at Carya)

  • Your Golf Travel – One of the UK’s bigger golf travel companies with Lee Westwood and Darren Clarke featuring on their TV Adverts.  Their pricing came in at £1,499.00.
  • Golf Breaks – UK’s other big golf travel company who sponsor PGA golf on Sky. Their pricing came in at £1,399.00.
    Golf Turkey – One of the most common Google results. Their pricing came in £1,265.00.
  • Biljana Golf – Another common provider who seemed to be a well known provider for golf holidays in Belek. Their pricing came in cheapest at £1,259.00.
  • Golf Escapes – A reputable golf travel provider in the UK (not nearly as big as Your Golf Travel and Golf Breaks). Their pricing came in at £1,275.00 but included a City Tour of Antalya and this line in their quote “Our local representative will meet you at the airport, show you to your transfer and will be on hand during your stay”

All the providers offered transfers to/from the Airport and included all Golf Transfers (transfer to/from the golf courses)

As with most things in life, you don’t really go for the most expensive and neither do you go for the cheapest (you get what you pay for) – in the end we decided to go with the “middle of the road” Golf Escapes.

Counting down!

The count down to what should be 8 days of golfing bliss has begun…I will post reviews and pics from all the courses as well as the Regnum Carya Resort and Spa. Hopefully, this post and all the future posts will be helpful to you when you decide to book a golf holiday in Antalya or if you’re looking for a golf destination…

golf holiday in Antalya - Carya Golf Club