London Cyclists are annoying, that is all.

2 Jun

London Cyclists – mainly a bunch of annoying f**kers!!!

I occasionally cycle, I also drive and ride a moped so I’m not prejudice in any way but without generalising too much, cyclists in London are a bit of a scourge. The vast majority don’t know how to properly use the road which I suspect is because they only cycle and don’t drive so they haven’t done any of the training and testing required to obtain a drivers license. Then there are the lycra clad knob-heads who, in their minds, believe they’re riding in the Tour de France  – they’re the worst of the bunch or pack or peloton (or whatever the term is for a bunch of those lyrca wearing idiots)

While the frothing lunatic in this video seems like he does have mental issues (and he drives a Landrover Discovery so you know he’s a knob-head), the cyclist is a knob-head in equal parts – initially when he assumes the dude in the Landrover is going to drive off and isn’t a psychopath, he’s very much a “hard man” screaming and swearing but then becomes a blubbering pansy when the balding psycho starts going mental

Both are idiots, but given there’s a cycle path and the dude is decked out in yellow lycra, the cyclist is the bigger idiot!