New York Diaries – Chilling in NYC

27 Dec

The wife and I wanted to get a short break in over the Christmas long weekend and we were deciding between Dubai and New York – we love both cities but ultimately we found ourselves chilling in NYC on Christmas Day 🙂

It’s been surprisingly warm with no snow at all, which was slightly disappointing but New York never fails to blow my mind. The magic of New York is looking up as you navigate the streets and avenues – the monumentally tall buildings varying in design and height is, in my mind, urban visual poetry. It is overwhelming to the say the least.

Aside from the usual touristy stuff like taking selfies in Time Square and buying NYPD T-shirts, the missus and I have hung out in one of my favourite spots in the Big Apple – Grand Central Station, checked out the lights and window decorations put up for Christmas and have had some meals in some very interesting spots which I’ll cover in another post. Our base is the Grand Hyatt on East 42nd right next to Grand Central which is super convenient – I’ll probs Tripadvisor review it once we’re checked out.

The shopping has been awesome with some excellent bargains grabbed at Macy’s and Nordstram Rack. I was a bit disappointed on the stuff being peddled by Golfsmith on 5th avenue 🙁 I was hoping to grab a pair of Ecco Golf Shoes but the shoes were the same price as they are in London…Dammit, I thought golf gear in the US is meant to be so much cheaper!!!  At least Pro Vs are cheap here so I may stock up on a dozen or two.

Chilling in NYC is most definitely one of my favourite things to do – I don’t think I could ever tire of this city or discover all it has to offer no matter how many visits I make (I definitely intend on making many more!!!)

Chilling in NYC - Chrysler Building

Chilling in NYC - Bryant Park


Chilling in NYC - 5th Avenue

Chilling in NYC - Grand Central