PXG Golf – Should Titleist, Taylormade & co be afraid?

17 Feb

You may have heard about PXG Golf. There is lots of chatter in the golfing world about this newcomer to the golf manufacturing industry and their story has me very intrigued (read dying to try their clubs!).

I’ve heard little bits and pieces about PXG golf over the last few months online and watching tour events but didn’t pay much attention to it I until chanced across Billy Horschel waxing lyrical about his PXG clubs after his top 10 finish at the Farmers Insurance Open.  This ignited some curiosity and I decided to find out a little bit more about PXG Golf…

PXG Golf 2

Their website tells you how their founder, GoDaddy Billionaire and golf nut, Bob Parsons (hence PXG = Parsons Xtreme Golf) had the desire to make the world’s best golf equipment. I love what comes next…ol’ Bob with all is billions rounded up some decent talent and ask them to produce “a sexy set of irons that look like blades, launch higher, go further, feel softer and have a sweet spot the size of Texas” – what every golfer wants right? He told told them to take as long as they want and spend as much as they want to deliver his vision for golf clubs. Also, when they cracked the formula, he wasn’t too bothered about how much it would cost to mass produce and sell – the price will be what it is…

PXG LogoWith Mr Parsons’ untold wealth and no time pressures or concerns about making cost efficient equipment, the PXG team went to work and produced an entire equipment range – irons, wedges, putters, hybrids, fairway woods and big dogs. They came up with an interesting naming convention for their gear originating from Bob Parson’s military background and then got some tour pros  to start using their gear. Non-existence to equipment manufacturer with a major winner as a staff player (Zach Johnson) inside two years (they were founded in 2014) – that’s pretty impressive. I was now very interested in hitting their clubs and seeing what they’ve produced…

Here’s the thing though…you can’t simply roll up to your local club or golf retailer to take look at and have a go with the PXG golf kit. If you’re in the US, can you book in a custom fitting via their website otherwise you’ve got to track down a local retailer. In a city as major as London their only local retailer is Urban Golf – a golf simulation place. This could be because they’re still sorting out their distribution network or perhaps the limited distribution is by design – trying to keep PXG Golf very exclusive?

The other thing is finding out the cost of their kit is not that easy….Their online store has putters, bags and hats but that’s about it. I’m not sure how accurate or official this is, but have tracked this down:

PXG Golf

PXG Golf 3The background and story of PXG Golf does suggest that their equipment could be enough to rival the big names in Golf. Their branding and style is vastly different which makes them stand out even more. They may have even evolved or revolutionised the industry with their “looks and feels like blade but has the forgiveness of a cavity back” irons or it may just be American flair and clever marketing…either way, I am keen to try their equipment out and decide for myself. If I happen to do so, I’ll note down my findings here.