Snow golf! Been there, done that!!!

18 Jan

Snow Golf…is it even possible???

Last year, one of my golfing crew and I braved a slight dusting to play a round of snow golf at the Cray Valley course at the Orpington Golf Centre. Midway through the round, a mild snow storm rolled in and amidst the frozen greens, limited visibility and basically freezing our ar$es off, we swore we would never do this again…

So it wasn’t much of a surprise when the same golfing partner messaged me prior to our early Sunday round to suggest that we cancel because of snow. Partly due to short term memory and partly due to there not being a snowflake in site at my end of London, I insisted he “man the f&*K up” and meet me at the first tee…Unfortunately, the site that met me as I pulled into my golf club was completely unexpected – a fully snow covered golf course!!! Fortunately, my playing partners were real sports and as the course was (miraculously) open, we decided to brave 9 holes. Snow golf was lots of fun and a good laugh but not something I would recommend on a regular basis. Amazingly, I only lost two golf balls over the 9 holes…

A few tips if you do end up playing a round of golf in the snow:

  1. Dress warmly!
  2. Try to keep the ball in the fairway (duh)
  3. When looking for a ball, look for a trail the ball would have left when landing
  4. You cannot use a snowball as a tee!
  5. A round of golf is unusual, so be brave (and weird) and try lots of unusual shots – a flop shot from snow is lots of fun!
  6. Don’t try playing for a score, enjoy the snow 🙂