Dubai top 10 Golf Courses

4 Jan

Last year was the first time in 10 years I went on a golf holiday. I documented a bit about my holiday here and reviewed some of the courses but in the build up to my next holiday – which is being planned at the moment – I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic.

The plan was to try to play the Dubai top 10 golf courses and squeeze in some time in Abu Dhabi as well. According to Golf Digest, the Dubai top 10 golf courses or rather the top 10 courses in the United Arab Emirates are:

  1. Yas Links, Abu Dhabi
  2. Emirates G.C. (Majlis), Dubai
  3. Jumeirah G. Estates (Earth), Dubai
  4. Abu Dhabi G.C. (National), Abu Dhabi
  5. Dubai Creek G. & Yacht Club, Dubai
  6. Saadiyat Beach G.C., Abu Dhabi
  7. The Els Club, Dubai
  8. Jumeirah G. Estates (Fire), Dubai
  9. Al Badia G.C., Dubai
  10. The Montgomerie, Dubai

We had managed 6 out of 10 due to time constraints and missed out on the Fire course at Jumeirah Estates, The Montgomerie, Al Badia and the Saadiyat Beach Golf Club in Abu Dhabi. The courses we did play were insanely beautiful and in brilliant condition. Here some pics taken with my humble iPhone…

Rory, Henrik and Justin at Jumeirah Earth

7 Oct

I realise I run this risk of turning this into a golf blog (it isn’t, I swear) but I’m really enjoying my game at the moment and getting to play lots of really good courses hence the big emphasis on golf!

I’ve tee’d it up at some brilliant courses in Johannesburg a couple of weeks back and have some more rounds planned in South Africa in a few weeks time but none of the recent courses I’ve played on comes close to the Jumeirah Earth Course in Dubai that  I had the privilege of playing earlier this spring.

My bro-in-law told me about this video of Rory, Henrik and Justin at Jumeirah Earth. They recreate some of their finest moments in the Race to Dubai at one of the finest golf courses in the world.

Enjoy the video…aptly named the “Greatest Moments On Earth”