Not a bad way to spend two months…

18 Nov

I returned from South Africa a couple of weeks back after attending my sister-in-law’s wedding (remember Istanbul?). During the two months of September and October this year, I managed two trips and even fitted in some work at our South African office…but, wedding aside, the highlight of these two months was the volume of golf I managed to get in 😀

Seriously, I don’t thing I’ve ever played so much golf over such a short period and I loved every minute of it! I don’t really don’t understand the concept of “too much golf”…I managed to squeeze in 24 rounds (twenty four!) playing golf in the Gauteng and Kwazulu Natal provinces in South Africa. In fact, I think it may even total more than 24 rounds as I had squeezed in a few random 9 hole games here and there! What I think is also equally impressive is that I managed to plan a kick-ass 30th birthday for my Missus, got a shedload of work done for my employer Conosco, spent quality time with my two adorable nephews, hung out with my ol’ man and Mum and helped out at my sister-in-laws wedding during this time as well…why can’t life be like this all the time!!!

Golfing in South Africa for two months