Venice to Firenze – Our Italian Adventure continues

5 Apr

We started our Italian Adventure in Venice and after just over two amazing days in that magical city it was time to make our way from Venice to Firenze (Florence to the English speaking world)

We hired a car which had to be collected at Venice’s Marco Polo airport. A water taxi from Venice to the Airport will run you at least €100 but using the Alilaguna service will cost just €15 per person which is quite handy if you’re just 2 people. However, if you’re a group of four it’s worth ponying up for the water taxi as the journey time is 25 minutes which is almost an hour faster than the Alilaguna service.

Venice to Firenze

Once we picked up our car, the plan was to make our way to the Museo Ferrari (that’s the Ferrari Museum in case your Italian is really, really crappy) in Maranello. Given that we only picked up our car and got going after 2PM and that the museum closes at 18:00, we figured it best that we alter our plans and head straight to Bologna. This is where driving through Italy as opposed to using trains and planes was quite handy – it gave us the freedom to change our plans at will and do things at our own pace. Our plan was always to stop over somewhere for a night at some very Italian place while making our way from Venice to Firenze. Our choices were whittled down to Bologna or Verona which were both kinda enroute. I don’t know why we chose Bologna over Verona but in hindsight we made the wrong choice. Bologna wasn’t much fun unless you’re a swine loving foodie…Bologna is the “Pork Capital” of Italy – YUCK. You’d be safe to assume that we didn’t enjoy our afternoon and evening walking around Bologna! At least our hotel was a winner 🙂

Venice to Firenze - Bologna

After our uneventful night in Bologna, we made our way to Maranello and checked out the Museo Ferrari. While it was lots of fun and very interesting and we did get to see some amazingly beautiful old and new Ferraris ranging from the sexy 1965 Ferrari GTO Berlinetta Venice to Firenze - Museo Ferrarito the vicious Ferrari FXX, Venice to Firenze - Museo Ferrari - FXXit was a bit disappointing. I was keen to see the actual Ferrari factory and the test track but there are limited tours during the day. The tours are very brief and not included as part of the Museum experience. If you have the fortune of visiting Maranello, check out the museum but pre-book your tour. Also, remember that there are two museums, one in Maranello and one in Modena. If you are a full on Ferrari enthusiast, give yourself and entire day to do the place justice – not just a few hours like we did.

Venice to Firenze - Ferrari

Post our time in Ferrari wonderland, we took a lovely scenic drive through Tuscan countryside and made our way to Firenze for 3 nights. After Firenze, we journeyed to Positano via Napoli – but that’s a different story 🙂